Welp, here’s me 🙂 & you know what? I happen to be pretty proud of the girl I’m becoming. I’ve made mistakes. Lots. I’ve been ashamed of some decisions I’ve made. I don’t regret them though. They’ve made me who I am today.
Something I read the other day really hit home with me :
” God tests our faith by allowing us to suffer. He does not make us suffer, but he allows it. He does not miraculously shield us from suffering, though he could. He does this so that we learn to trust him more; he does it to MATURE & STRENGTHEN our souls and thus increase our ultimate HAPPINESS.”
I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to make these mistakes. Without them I wouldn’t have learned. & trust me, I’ve been pretty darn good at “learning”. Without these lessons, I truly would be in a different place and surrounded by different people. They’ve pushed me to new levels, to be a better person because they themselves expect it. They mean the world to me & I want them to view me the way I view them-a reflection of Good Values. Trust & love. Faith.
I know the past, but do not know the future. But I do know that my hope is my chance at joy, so I’m going to trust and love the path that’s been set for me because so far it’s brought beautiful blessings.
So keep your head high through those tough times. You’ll see the bright light which may seem surrounded by darkness in time- & that light will bring more happiness than you imagined.

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