Sunday Ramblings.

So last night I went to sushi & a movie with my “sister. Girl’s night. Wahoo! I finally pulled myself out of my standard LuLu gear and dressed up. It’s amazing how good it feels to get out of workout clothes for a change. & I totally indulged my nails. 🙂
We saw The Five Year Engagement. LOVE. It’s hard for me to not like feel-good, romantic comedies. & how can you not love Jason Segel? The movie had me cracking up. The.Whole.Time.

& did I mention I love the fact that the setting (well, part of it) was in SF?! My new home in a few months? Awesome.
Not sure if it was just me being sentimental and completely girly, but this movie made me sort of miss *my adventure partner..More to come 🙂 Happy Sunday!


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