Aspiring to Be More Like Her.

To the Most Beautiful Woman in my life-

   Thank you for the guidance you have given me for the past 25 years, encouraging me to be my best, all the while really showing me. You have been the most inspirational role-model. Your hard work has instilled that same work ethic within me. I strive to put as much heart and soul into each day as you do. Thank you for creating those “stupid lists” each day, I now find myself doing the same and realizing my mistake in calling them stupid..
   Thank you for your un-conditional love, for helping me through those challenging times and loving me through all my achievements. Through those tough times-thank you for being my light and not letting the bad consume me. For letting me make mistakes. For letting me find my way while providing support.
   Thank you for listening, and letting me be your wake up call each day at seven am. I hope I offer as much patience to my children when I am a mama. You’re the one I call to vent to about irrelevant situations and meaningless struggles. Thank you for helping me see the big picture and allowing me to get them off my chest.
   Thank you for your attempts at being funny, or not even realizing when you are. For chasing me around the kitchen when I was little and laughing too hard to really “punish me” once you caught me. For telling me how amazing I am when I call you after tough workouts. For simply telling me how proud you are of me. For telling me when I am over-doing it and reminding me to take breaks.
   But most of all thank you for being my mama. I am so blessed to have you in my life- to have your love.
Happy Birthday Mama!

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