Friday’s Letters


15 minutes of “free” time this am?! Since it’s been a minute.. here I go:

Dear New Job– please make this trip into the city with the boss AWESOME & please tell the helpdesk to answer me and help me get my phone setup..A job that requires me to call people sort of needs a phone, weird right?
Dear “Sister”- Have fun at that wedding. Although it may have been barely avoided in Vegas, don’t come back married. Thank you.
Dear Body– Don’t worry, I will make some time to workout after work tonight-PROMISE.
Dear Dating World- Could you please send me a copy of the “rulebook”, it’s a little confusing when I’m so busy & he’s out of town. It’d be greatly appreciated.
Dear Blog Friends– It’s probably not widely recognized how much you are actually part of my world. You’re comments, stories, and exciting lives are a total part of my morning routine. Thank you!
Dear Weekend- You may be one of the most highly anticipated weekends in awhile. I can’t wait to sleep in & enjoy my new surroundings-outside the office.

That’s it for now. I can’t wait to get another moment to fill you in, I’ve missed this.




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