Friday Confessions

It’s Friday, it’s Friday! Weekend-you are well welcomed. On this BEAUTIFUL Friday morning, I’m heading to work… & of course-confessing.
I confess– I happen to be obsessed with juicing. Throw the following in a now.
 Mint – Aids in digestion & can actually relieve spasms of the gastrointestinal tract and prevent gas. ( This calms your tummy)
Asparagus –  This vegetable one of the more protein rich vegetables. ( A cup of asparagus has about 24 calories, 1/2 of which are from protein). Asparagus is a powerful diuretic (think ridding your body of water weight) and can aid in inhibiting inflammatory compounds within your body.

Carrots – These orange vegetables are an awesome source of antioxidants which help protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Lemongrass –  Lemon grass is known to increase circulation, stimulate the digestive process, reduce cholesterol, and reduce excess fats in the body. Um. Hello?! Why has this not been in my diet yet? It also decreases the symptoms of upset stomach!

Pears- These sweet fruits are higher in Pectin than apples. (Think water-soluble fibers). That means that they are extremely useful in helping to lower cholesterol levels as well as toning the intestines.
I confess– For as “healthy” as an Asparagus, Pear, Mint, Carrot, Lemongrass juice sounds-it tastes WAY better. It’s pretty sweet and didn’t need any extra sweetener. It’s one of the juices I’ve tried that doesn’t upset my stomach or that I have to pinch my nose to gulp down. It’s bomb!
I confess- I wouldn’t mind being Emily from the Bachelor. I love her sassy attitude. To be honest, I didn’t think she would have it in her- she seemed so quite. She’s funny, real & absolutely gorgeous. Funny, there’s been times in my life where I’ve wanted to go ” West-Virginia, Hood-rat, take you out in the backwoods” on someone too.
I confess – I am stoked for my workouts this weekend. Several trainers are giving me “complimentary sessions” so I can gauge their talents. Awesome.
I confess- I’ve been thinking alot about what I want to share with you in my “little space” / blog. It’s my goal to start sharing some more of what I really went to school for – Exercise and Nutrition.
Link up with Leslie over at BlondeAmbition. Happy Friday!


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