Sunday Social

I am SUPER excited about THIS link-up. Here’s to week 2!
Favorite movie of all time?
This is a tough one. I have SO many. Ok. I guess I can settle on one. Wedding Crashers. Literally in college, I think I watched this EVERYDAY for about three months. I am still laughing.
Favorite Movie Quote?
Ohhh. Another tough one. In my freshman year of highschool I couldn’t get enough of running around quoting this.. & by this I mean the WHOLE speech. My friends would make me recite it OVER & OVER… I’m awesome:
& now. I can’t quit quoting Anchor Man.. I mean there are so many applicable quotes:
Best movie to watch for a girls night?
Mean Girls is always a great choice. My sister & I have a pretty good list.. Depending on the occasion:
After a break-up: Break-up (cheesy , I know )
To celebrate new jobs: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Lounging around after a night out: My Best Friend’s Wedding & The Notebook
Best break-up movie?
See above. Plus the Notebook can be thrown in too.
Favorite celeb eye-candy?
Ok.Ok. I am going to just throw this one out there.. He’s new to my list, but quickly becoming my FAVORITE:
Is anyone else counting the days until Magic Mike comes out?!
Which movie stars closet would you want to raid?
Jessica Alba. Hands down. How cute & girly is her style?!

I love,love,love this girls style.
Happy Sunday!!


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