Play At World Class.

Live this way TODAY

I believe that the most important thing we can do for ourselves each day is strive to get 1% better.
It can be as simple as getting up an hour earlier to exercise or setting aside 10 minutes each night to write your To-Do list for the next day. These tiny things make a HUGE difference in the way we lead our lifes and ultimately help us to play at world-class.
For me, signing up for a 20K the day after my birthday was me shooting to get 1% better. I signed up. I committed to doing something active, outdoorsy and something that would simply make me feel happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better 26th birthday present.
The results of the run proved to me that those little things can turn into one great big accomplishment! Check out my results.

Yes, that’s me, Courtney in 1st place for my age group.
I’m not saying it was easy. It definitely wasn’t. The message that I taught myself during the race was the best birthday present. I am capable. My body can push through the pain. My mind can commit to only speaking positive affirmations. Competition drives me- put someone a few steps ahead of me and I’ll catch them and then some. Put a finish line in front of me and I’ll sprint to the end.
I like the difference the 1% each day has made in the life of 25 year old me. & I’m excited to see where it takes me at 26.


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