Developing [You, me and Muscles].

Happy Thursday!

So, here I am almost five weeks out from my 2nd NPC bikini competition & I’ve come to the realization that I haven’t been sharing as much as I should. In fact, I haven’t been writing much at all (and I really miss it).

Recently, as part of the on-boarding process at my new job, [For those of you who don’t know- I made the switch into the corporate wellness industry and re-located to sunny San Diego] I took the Strength Finders test. It’s basically a personality test that my company uses to asses the different personalities working within a “site” and determine where these individuals strengths lie. This test helps place people in roles that will help make each individual (and company) successful. I’m a huge fan. The test consists of a series of over 100 questions which offer insights into the different aspects of your personality – altogether there’s 42 different personality types! Long story short, below are my top five personality traits/strengths:

1. Positivity
2. Achiever
3. Focus
4. Developer
5. Woo

Delving into this assessment has led me to do a lot of “soul-searching” and understanding as to what I am truly “innately” good at vs. what I WISH I was good at. I’ve had several conversations with management and the Strength Finders development team as to what these personality strengths mean and how to better use them in my work role.

One of the strengths that popped out to me was Developer. As a developer, I can see how other people can move, change, grow and develop for the better. I love to see others make progress and I notice even the slightest progress in others. When I am part of their development, it is the best experience in the world for me. Others may not be as interested or ready to make the progress that I want them to make and I can sometimes become frustrated when people don’t want to improve. I see the potential in others and want to move them in that direction. A line that stuck out the most in my assessment was this :

When you fully apply your developer talents, it is as if you are educating, counseling, and encouraging people all the time.”

I realized this is why I love my favorite bloggers. ( Brittany, Nicole , Sarah , & Anahid ) They have mastered the use of their blogs as a way to “educate, counsel, and encourage people” all the time. These bloggers have done what I aspire to do. It’s my goal to share my journey and educate and encourage people who may be on a parallel fitness / life path. Which brings me to the real reason for this post.

As part of my NPC bikini division journey, I’ve picked up several useful tips and tricks for those who want to drop weight, lean out and push themselves to a whole new level of fitness- or develop yourself into the competitor, athlete, person you want to become.

The first thing all fitness enthusiast’s should know is this- protein is your best friend! Protein is what helps your body build and repair muscle tissue (which is broken down during training).

I have been using Protizyme Vanilla Cake protein as a snack during the day and sometimes even as my dinner. It literally is amazing & gets rid of that sweet tooth that creeps up on me during my dieting phases. This protein mixes with water and gives you the rich, full, creamy taste of desert..well without desert.

I just started taking some pre-workout supplements in the am (try 4:30 am!!!) to aid in helping me crank out those cardio sessions these last few days prior to my show. I’ve been taking Amino Energy (grape). These last few training days have been awesome in the mornings & I’ve definitely felt a difference in my energy levels in the early am.

The last supplement I’ve added to my daily routine is Xtend’s Watermelon Madness. This contains branch chain amino acids which help with muscle recovery. I can’t get enough of the flavor! If you love watermelon jolly ranchers, you’ll be just as obsessed with this drink as I am. It doesn’t hurt that I haven’t been nearly as sore since taking it either.

So get out there & develop those muscles! Let me know what supplement’s you’re taking and if you like any of my favorites as much as I do!


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