Oats & Grows.

overnight oats
Oh yes. I did.
Due to the fact that I am always asked what I eat pre and post workout and since this am I woke up with the above video stuck in my head, I think it’s time I share how one meal can change your life workout. Three words & one amazing result. Oats.&.Grows.
But seriously.
Oats have become my staple breakfast. A bowl full of glorious, hot, sticky goodness is just what I need to start my morning off right and keep my blood sugar stable until my next meal. Oats have been the reason that I can make it through my workouts [and a full day] and have been the reason for my muscle growth [grows]. Cheesy- most definitely. But I speak the truth. I should also mention that I do add either a protein shake or 1 egg and 2 egg whites to this well rounded breakfast.
Consuming oats will give you the results you’ve been waiting for!
Ok. They’ll get you part of the way.  Here’s an awesome overnight oats recipe from one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers- How to make Overnight Oats.
There is however two other small things to consider: timing and what the goal of your workout is.
If the goal of my workout is to simply “burn fat” and I only have time for cardio, I do fasted cardio. This means, I hop directly out of bed and hit the gym without eating breakfast. I’ll spend no longer than 40 minutes on the stairmill (you can pick your preference) and I don’t let my heart get above 120 bpm. The logic behind this is your body will draw from the fat stores for fuel, thus helping to “lean your body down.” I follow my workout directly with my oats and eggs &…grow!
If the goal of my workout is to resistance train (lift) and / or do cardio that lasts longer than one hour, I’ll eat my oats prior to hitting the gym for fuel. When lifting, your body needs the fuel to help you push through those tough sets and needs to be able to build upon muscle, not use the lean muscle as a fuel source. Since your heart rate typically skyrockets during these more intense workouts, you’ll burn right through those oats. Then the final way to kick off a great workout is to finish with your protein shake or eggs. Filling up on protein within 20 minutes of a tough lifting session is the greatest way to ensure you help your body repair, refuel and..grow!
I buy the standard Trader Joe’s rolled oats, add water, heat it up in the microwave for 2 minutes and then top with a little agave, cinnamon and a splash of Almond milk. SO GOOD! You can have fun with varying the oatmeal up by adding different toppings. If I’m going for a long run, I’ll top it off with some dried fruit and nuts or a banana. If I completed an extra hard weights session, I’ll mix in some Almond butter or PB2 for a heartier post workout protein packed oatmeal.
Have fun with it and remember think about what the goal of your workout is and eat accordingly.
What’s your favorite/ healthy trick to varying up your oats?

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