Time to Train Tuesday: 15 Minutes to Shredded Shoulders.

Yesterday I found some time to hop into the studio for a workout. The problem? I only had 20 minutes. Instead of not doing a workout at all, I created a nice little shoulder circuit that I completed with dumbbells.
Since I haven’t given my shoulders a lot of love lately, I wanted to bust out a quick circuit that would get me sweating and seriously sculpt my shoulders.
I repeated the below circuit four times through & by the end was dripping sweat & feeling that little burn in the tops of my arms. Just what I needed!
Shoulder Presses
Lateral Raises
Reverse Flys
 Field Goals
*Field goals: Keeping arms in field goal position, pivot from the elbow only keeping elbow (keeping them high) and lower dumbbells toward the floor. Then raise back to starting position.
Try it out & let me know how those shoulders feel afterward! 🙂
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