Friday Intentions

I’m shouting from the mountain top today because it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!
What a great week & I’m so excited to report this week’s goals as well as report back on last week‘s goals.
Let’s start with my progress.. Yes, I began trusting myself more. I still have to listen to that little voice inside my head a little better and believe in myself. Talk about a lifetime goal.
I’ve been putting a lot of work into sharing more of my workouts and putting together some classes etc outside of this blog. Sand Sprint Bootcamp? I’m in the works of creating a small group workout Saturday morning in Oceanside. In the area?! E-mail me for details!
For this next week my goal is more immediate. I want to stay on track with my nutrition and workouts throughout my vacation to Idaho to see my family. It never fails, I always head home with the best intentions but then get wrapped up in all the festivities and quick eats. I am determined to eat solely when I am hungry and make sure I maintain my healthy way of eating. I’m tired of coming back from vacation feeling….well tired.
How do you stay on track when your on vacation? Write down your intentions for your vacation and see if looking (or simply thinking) about them once they are written down makes a difference!
Happy Friday!

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