You – Yes, YOU are AWESOME!

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Yay Mondays!
& no, this exclamation is not sarcastic- it’s full of real, true, enthusiasm.
To start this Monday off, I came across this lovely quote, which captures exactly what this little space of mine is all about.

Several things occurred to me over this weekend which changed my life. (ok, perhaps that’s a little dramatic) but it definitely changed my perspective.

1) The above quote. What you receive is always in direct proportion to what you put out. One important lesson, picked up from an amazing Yoga class this weekend, “you must allow yourself to receive”. You must allow all the effort you’ve put in to whatever it is you’re passionate about to come back to you. You deserve it. Enjoy it.

2) This video- tiny habits. This “theory” applies to so  many different aspects in my daily life. I get so caught up in the big picture and the overwhelming amount of items I believe I have to do in order to get where I want, that I forget the little things. One little thing is much easier to achieve each day, plus it will get me where I want more quickly because I WILL ACTUALLY DO IT. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

So be happy. Receive that happiness. & work towards happiness in little ways.

You’re awesome- don’t let anyone tell you different.



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