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It’s Friday! & I have to say I’m so excited I found THIS girl, Heather over at Housewife Glamour. (If you haven’t checked her out yet- DO it). Her awesome blog space is dedicated to quick healthy meals, easy to follow workouts & finding the “glamour in everyday life.” She’s adorable. She’s also an NBA dancer which is secretly a dream of mine since I may or may not have NO rhythm. (Hint. I don’t). & she blogs about her Friday Favorites. She’s one of mine so let’s start there #1..

#2. My Playlist this am for cycle. It’s a 30-minute class, so if your’s is longer- you’ll need to add your own jams.

Pharrell – Happy

Lorde- Glory & Gore

Pitbull – It’s on Tonight

Bruno Mars- Grenade (Passion Pit Remix)

Scissor Sisters- Only the Horses

Avicii – Hey Brother (Syn Cole Remix)

Jump Smokers – Dance, Pop, Shake, Drop 

Duke Dumont – I Got You

An AWESOME playlist makes for a sweaty Friday morning cycle class. The class was packed & the playlist added to the extra energy! There is nothing better than a heart-pumping am cycle to start your weekend.

#3. Taking some peeks at my Pinterest Motivation Board.

Adorable run look from @NYCPRETTY (Christine Bibbo Herr)

#4. Adventure

Yes I do. I want to explore- anyone know any awesome adventures I need to take?

5. Yoga Pants with EVERYTHING. & I literally mean everything. I’ve been known to throw a dress on over them & hit the town for a fancy dinner. Dressed up or down- I love the look & think it’ll be very hard to ever go back to jeans.

6. Camo.  & Animal Print. Lululemon & Nike have my heart with these prints! & Yes I’ve already made a few purchases. Whoops.

Lululemon Camo Rise and Shine Jacket Size 8

Ordering now :)

After Asana Hoodie

What are your Friday Favorites? Link up with Heather or comment & share your favorites with me! 🙂




  1. Hi Courtney! Thanks so much for the blog love and for linking up your post. You’re so sweet!
    Just so you know, I am equally obsessed with yoga pants. With everything. I finally bought a pair of suede leggings to replace my need to wear yoga pants to dinner, but I have a feeling I’ll still resort to them. 🙂
    Also, I am loving animal print accents as well! Happy Friday! 🙂

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