My new favorite word? Mezamashii.

I am beyond enamored with the word & it’s meaning. The word is part of Mizuno’s campaign What If Everybody Ran. It’s meaning? Japanese for Brilliant.

Why do I run?

A few short sentences can’t convey the feelings a GREAT (or not so great) run can evoke. With each breath, comes more strength, more desire, more passion. Each mile brings more serenity, clarity. The motives may vary across individuals but we all have one commonality, running brings our bodies purpose. Running has brought me wildly-inspiring adventures, spellbinding views,  hundreds of mentally stimulating hours, riveting conversations with incredible, energetic and dynamic individuals and one mighty, powerful, invigorated five foot four spirit.

photo (5) photo (6)

This purpose running brings exponentially increases when you consider more than the wonders running does for you individually. What would it look like if everyone ran? If everyone experienced not only better health, better performing bodies, but an overall better outlook on life itself. It might look something like this: (*according to the Mizuno What if Everybody ran statistical analysis)

  • 63 million happier best friends
  • 37% more smiles
  • 200 million inches lost
  • 200 million more great grandmothers
  • 7 billion more hours spent outdoors
  • A savings of $143 billion in healthcare costs (!)
  • 10% more earning potential

The moment when I think I can’t go one step farther, my feet magically propel me forward. I’m stronger than I think. The moment when I think society no longer cares about the collective or it’s health- a campaign like Mizuno’s supports a cause to help those experiencing homelessness find the “transformative” power of running called Back on My Feet. Now that’s Mezamashii.

Why do you run? 



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