Oh Happy Day.

Oh Happy Day. Literally.

Did anyone else know that today is International Day of Happiness (officially sanctioned by the U.N.). The fact that happiness is being recognized as a fundamental human goal in a society that is crippled with social, economic and environmental woes inspires me to believe that there is a paradigm shift on the horizon.

Here’s a list of things, people & places that make my heart full & leave me well, just plain happy.

Today is also the first day of spring! How could you not be happy about that? So on International Happiness Day, I celebrate the first day of spring!

spring quotes | Happy First Day of SPRING! #Life #Quotes

Tonight (or today) you’re perfect. I hope someone tells you that. How can this song not put a big smile across that face. Go get ’em beautiful. So on International Happiness Day, I celebrate YOU, you beatuiful thing you.

Positive thoughts make greater things  #positive #thoughts #quote

The Shine Project : Ashley over the the Shine Project doesn’t know how big of an impact she’s made on my life. I stumbled upon her space awhile ago and never quit checking-in to see how she’s making a GREAT BIG difference in the lives’ of others.  She’s the creator  behind The Shine Scholarship Project whose mission is to improve the lives’ of at-risk teens through service, education and family involvement.

“This is what The Shine Project is all about:
Going out of your comfort zone
to bring light to those who need hope.
The Shine Project emulates love, sacrifice, and

Reading this for the first time a few years ago has CHANGED my life for the brighter and I hope one day I can create something that shines light, brings homes and make as big a difference as she has. So on International Happy Day I celebrate Ashley & The Shine Project.

Project Happiness.

How could you not be behind a company’s who mission statement & vision culminates in these objectives:

Through our strength-based curriculum, Project Happiness is working to help create a world where:

  • School bullying will no longer be a socially accepted behavior
  • Young adults will be taught to know and value their passions and personal strengths, and become more compassionate to themselves and others
  • Building one’s character will be as important as building one’s resume
  • Success will be measured by the degree to which we experience meaningful, fulfilling lives (not just by our job titles and credentials)

Yes- I just submitted my application to be a volunteer with them. Fingers crossed.  So on International Happy day, I celebrate Project Happiness.

Ragnar, you make make me incredibly happy.

Signing up for the San Francisco to Calistoga Ragnar will make me extremely happy. I’ve got plenty of time, & have a handful of people to go- but I need a couple more. Any runners in SF want to meet up, train & run it this year? 🙂

So on International Happiness Day, I celebrate Ragnar.


This link-up Party = AMAZINGNESS. Plus, I can’t believe there is a word that describes me as well as this- Bibliophile…. Head over to Running With Spoons to check out what it means here. So on International Happiness Day, I’m celebrating thinking out loud @ Running with Spoons.

This guy. He’d probably kill me if he knew I posted this- but I get to see him tomorrow in SF & this face makes me SUPER happy.

So on International Happy Day, I celebrate my *adventure partner.

So go be happy today! What makes you wanna celebrate today? 




  1. I had no idea that today was International Day of Happiness, but I’m loving it! Much better than simply celebrating the first day of spring… which isn’t actually so fabulous considering that it’s snowing. Blah. Moving on.

    Today I want to celebrate the fact that I’m healthy. That I have family and friends that love and care about me. That I have access to some pretty amazing opportunities. That I get to work in a job that I love. That, despite the snow, it’s starting to warm up and I’ll be able to spend lots of time outside soon. Yup. Lots to be happy about 😀

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