Epic Fail #SelfMagazine.



The above woman is beyond inspiring & let me tell you why:

Her name is Monika Allen & she finished the L.A. Marathon amidst chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer. As if the feat of a full marathon itself isn’t a big enough challenge! If that fact alone doesn’t leave you feeling inspired, consider the fact she also runs Glam Runners, which makes these pictured tutus and donates the money to Girls on the Run.  Girls on the run is a non-profit running program for girls in grades 3rd-8th whose goal is to “unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.”

Seriously this woman is a modern day Wonder Woman.

So here’s where the epic fail comes in- Self Magazine posted the above picture of this courageous woman with the caption:

 “A racing tutu epidemic has struck NYC’s Central Park, and it’s all because people think these froufrou skirts make you run faster,now, if you told us they made people run from you faster, maybe we would believe it.”

When it comes to health and fitness, I think a magazine as influential as Self, would look to uplift anyone looking to improve their health, not make fun of the clothes one wore to do it. It saddens me to think that they would take a feat like completing a full marathon & reduce it to a fashion faux pas. Not to mention the fact that this “froufrou” attire was worn by a woman who is far tougher than the exterior shows. I’m running with Monika Allen, Self Magazine, & far away from your pages & I just might purchase a tutu to do it in.

You go Monika Allen.

Check out the news broadcast here.

What are your thoughts on such an influential magazine captioning this photo? 



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