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I sort of have an infatuation with Amanda over at Running with Spoons & her capacity to somehow always make me laugh when reading her latest post. Thinking Out Loud may be my favorite part about Thursday. So link-up, meet Amanda & share your random/awesome thoughts! What I’m thinking out loud today???

1. I am getting very good at spending an immense amount of time pinning. Pintrest has slowly become an addiction, & I find myself looking at motivational boards, quotes & awesome workout swag whenever I get the chance…  Getting out of bed to go work out at 4:30 am… No thanks. After a quick cup of coffee & a browse through Pintrest where I see this? Shoes tied, out the door. You’re ripped girl, now I’m going to go try to be 🙂

2. If a Ragnar race isn’t on your bucket list, grab & pencil & put it on there (maybe more than once).

I did Ragnar Vegas last November & it was seriously one of the most amazing things I think I’ve done. You push yourself to the absolute limits… Me, run 20 miles, over two days with 3 hours of sleep?! I never thought it was possible until I was surrounded by other people & their inspiration & desire to do the same. I spent a lot of time running, a lot of time laughing and a lot of time motivating complete strangers. The vibe is unreal- there’s an energy in the air that you’re all doing something incredible & everyone wants to play a part in the fun. I seriously recommend trying at least one. & hey, I’m trying to get a team together for the San Francisco to Calistoga ragnar, so if any runners want to join- check it out & get in touch! 🙂

3. This article in Science Daily. I’ve always assumed the relationship between childhood obesity and lack of physical activity was associated in one direction – lack of physical activity was the effect of childhood obesity. It’s interesting to look at it from another perspective & see that it may be reversed. The cause could be the lack of physical activity, and the effect is than childhood obesity. So which cause do you consider for behavior change? Childhood obesity has been an ever-growing concern of mine & one of my goals is to create and be a part of a solution for this epidemic.

4. PHOTO: The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is presented during the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 23, 2014.

Ok. Ok. Am I the only one that faces two emotions when reading about the new “healthbook” app that Apple may or not be introducing soon? Technology these days is crazy! Read the whole article here.  Seriously, this sort of tracking would be legit! Knowing my personality, I think it’s cause for a little obsessive compulsive disorder in myself though. Having all of that data at my fingertips would literally make me go insane.

(I think the real reason this creeps me out is I’ve been reading too much sci-fi & think that technology at some point may win out over humankind..Yes, I said that out loud).

Are any of you involved with programs or have heard of great programming that is  targeting childhood obesity? 

What helps motivate you to hit the gym when you’re not feeling it? 




  1. I really want to do Ragnar! I think it’d be such a fun experience. I totally empathize with reading motivational internet posts in the morning – when I lay in bed and read peoples’ workout tweets, it motivates me to get up!

  2. I’ve heard people say amazing things about Ragnar, but I honestly couldn’t even imagine doing it… Then again, I guess you never know until you try, right? 🙂 And to get my butt moving when I’m not really feeling it, I tell myself that I only have to do 10 minutes and I can stop if I want. That always seems doable, and more often than not, I start feeling so good that I just want to keep going.

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