Volume 2: I Wore My Yoga Pants To…Tuesday


photo 4-002

& On Tuesday’s we wear Yoga Pants..

Who am I kidding the relationship I have with yoga pants is a relationship of a constant companionship & is not solely reserved for Tuesdays.

You must check out this article if you don’t believe me- 19 FABULOUS reasons that yoga pants are the single most multifunctional piece of clothing in your closet.

This week I sported these fancy pieces of witchcraft on a fancy date with my best friend & family to Orfila, a local winery in Escondido, California. That’s right this week, I wore my Yoga Pants to a winery.

photo 3-002

Hands down one of the best Saturday afternoons I’ve had in a long while. I don’t know how in 27 years, I haven’t been wine tasting, but my first time turned out amazing- can I do it again soon, please?!! Wine, beautiful weather, a live band, good people?! What else could you ask for?!

Prior to the wine debauchery, I made sure to get a solid workout in. Which I am extremely thankful for. If you follow me on twitter (BigLeagueBourt) you’ll see I’ve become addicted to the Nike Training Center’s 15-minute workouts. I completed two of them back to back which resulted in one seriously sweaty girl! The Nike Training Center app has been my new best friend when I know I need to get a quick, sweat session in. The fact that they’ve added new workouts from well-known athletes & trainers earns it major bonus points. The app automatically takes me back to training days where the sole focus is on improving performance & there is no way I’m letting someone outperform me.

Where’d you wear your yoga pants this week?

Do you use any training apps? Which is your favorite?





  1. I love yoga pants! So comfortable and (maybe) stylish if you wear the right clothes with it! I can’t believe you’ve never been wine tasting! Seriously one of the best activities ever (maybe I’m a little biased, I used to work at a wine tasting room when I lived in Santa Barbara). I’m going with a group of girlfriends in a couple of weeks and am so excited!

    I love the Nike Training App – so solid when you want to be told what to do, workout wise!

  2. I was going to say, YOU ONLY WEAR YOGA PANTS ON Tuesdays?! HA!!! I wear them EVERY DAY of my life, and actually my friends, managers, agents, etc are ALL starting to turn on me and say things like: YOU NEED TO GET SOME CLOTHING TO FANCY YOURSELF UP – but uhh common now, Lululemon is LEGITTTT it ain’t exactly KMart cheap, LOL! And my butt, LOOKS AMAZINNNGGGG! 😉

  3. I’ve thought about going wine tasting before, but not sure if it’s worth it considering I’m not keen on wine to begin with LOL. I’ve worn my yoga pants around the house & to take Roxy for walks. Exciting, huh? LOL

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