5 “Unconventional” Ways to “Fix” Your Fitness.


1. Be grateful. “Whoever does not have gratitude (for their health and their body), even what he or she has will be taken from him or her. Whoever has gratitude (for their health and their body) will be given more, and he or she will have an abundance (of health to their body).  Think of the ideal state of health you want to be at. Visualize it. Give thanks. Act as if you have already received it. Then watch your visualization slowly blur lines with reality.

2. Daydream.Envision where you’ll be in 1, 3 and five years. Put use to the old-school method of pen to paper and identify all the things you want to accomplish. Write down your goals and purpose, even the goals that aren’t fitness related.

Comp 5-book(3)

(5 by Dan Zadra is an ahhhh-mazing book/journal with tons of starters to get your juices going and set you on your goal-driven path! I took a few minutes each morning to fill in a few pages at a time and was super inspired by the quotes, stories, prompts etc, that brought a whole new clarity to my purpose!

 3. Skip the gym and get outdoors. One hour workout is only 4% of you your day, which leaves 96% of the day for inactivity! Add some outdoor activities for a clear mind and nourished body. Don’t limit yourself to the four walls of the gym. Hiking, biking, running, surfing, skiing.. All of these involve you moving that body of yours = physical activity. You spend most of your time outside the gym, so find ways to incorporate your fitness goal into your daily routine. Start a new tradition- head for a 20 minute walk after dinner. Find activities you truly enjoy and it won’t feel like a traditional workout.

4. Hang with sweaty people, lovers’ of sports, fitness, anything that involves working up a sweat. It’s much more fun to sweat with friends! You’ll be surprised at the accountability you find yourself having towards “working out” when friends are waiting for you. Join a local recreation league, volleyball, softball, swimming etc.. and you’ll find that it’s filled with people who enjoy these activities in their “off” time. You’ll get to meet new, interesting people + get a dose of physical activity.

5.  Be an in-betweener. Avoid the all-or-nothing syndrome. Getting fit does not mean you have to eat nothing and workout in the gym for hours on end. In fact, I’ve found a great balance and better fitness in my life without these parameters. Start with small changes to your routine. Begin adding a 10 minute “coffee-walk” to your mornings. Rev up your circulation and wake-up that brain for a more productive day. Once you’ve established this habit, and you’re enjoying this time to yourself, begin another – no longer scarfing down a sugary pastry on your way to work. Prepare small breakfast of some eggs and oatmeal, which will fill you up and sustain you through those morning meetings. The all-or-nothing mentality towards getting fit or losing weight is not sustainable. You are not going to LOVE hitting the treadmill for two hours everyday while on an empty stomach and neither will your body. Start small and find activities you actually enjoy! Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.




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