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With a weekend full of heavy doses of exploration, I couldn’t wait to lace up my new Sorel boots that recently arrived! I chose the Sorel Tivoli II Women’s waterproof boot because A) It’s ADORABLE and B) waterproof!

Prior to my epic afternoon of outdoor hiking, running and spontaneous ice-skating adventure, I was a little skeptical about wearing such a heavy boot. I’m typically inclined to throw on the Nike’s and call any adventure grand, but after gallivanting outdoors after my gym session to head back to my car, my feet felt the effects of the teen temperatures. I threw the Sorel Tivoli II’s on. Good judgment call, Courtney.

First of all, the boots kept my toes nice & toasty the WHOLE day. My feet weren’t cold during the ice-skating adventure or stomping around …and falling through.. some beautiful ice puddles. These boots live up to the hype! The waterproof suede kept my toes bone-dry while the soft fleece inside and faux-fur lining kept my feet feeling like they were wrapped in a warm blanket! Not to mention, the super cute mid-cut style was a perfect pairing for my leggings.

Second, I was completely wrong in judging the boot before running a few miles in it.. Literally. Although obviously adorable, I doubted it’s ability to allow me to be quick on my feet and agile as I ran through the wild trails of the Idaho forests. Jogging in these boots was no problem. The molded rubber outsole gripped the trails and kept me upright. Would I recommend running marathon mileage in these boots, probably not. For hiking and other adventures that may require a few running miles- absolutely.  I would recommend going with a taller boot (like the Tivoli II high boot) if you’re planning on trekking through any snow- there’s no way to keep your feet warm when snow edges past the brim of the shoe and makes it’s way into the boot. (If I wasn’t concerned about having a cute boot that would cross over from adventure to dinner, I would go with the Alpha Pac XT Warm which is best for heavy snow… which may be my next boot purchase.)

Lastly, I was impressed at how clean the Curry colored suede was at the end of the day! Through the ice, snow, mud, dirt trails and shrubbery, these boots looked as though I had barely taken them out of my closet…. I threw them right back on with some tan ski-socks, leggings and a dress that night for dinner. Hey, a girls’ still got to look cute.

Thanks Sorel, for making a darling boot that can go from the snowy trails to the swanky up-town restaurants at an exceptionally affordable price ($119!)

Where’s your favorite place to wear your Sorel’s? Best adventure in your boots? 




  1. Hello! I this the Trivoli ii suede boot in curry? I think i might have to get it now, it sounds like the perfect boot! When I sized my feet using Sorel’s online fit guide, it said I was a 7. On the site, it says style of boot runs small so would you suggest going up half a size from the fit guide? thanks so much!

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