Go Green Or Go Home


Yay! Day 1 is here and being the health nerd I am, I have been looking forward to starting this cleanse since Monday when I made the decision to start.

The decision seemed to evolve over the last several months as I began adding more juices and veggies into my daily meals. I found the more I added, the better I was feeling and the more I sought out local juice bars with fresh ingredients and green blends for my daily fix. The last several weeks, I’ve made sure I got my green fix at least once a day. That being said, I finally figured it was time to reach outside my comfort zone and see what a real, legitimate cleanse could do for me both physically and mentally if I was feeling this great simply adding one juice a day.

I do have to admit today may not be the best day to start (there will always be some excuse) as I have been fighting a terrible sinus infection.. Or maybe that means it’s a great time, because I feel terrible and the amount of liquids I’m about to consume may wipe this grossness right out of me..

I’m not doing this cleanse to lose a ton of weight, but rather I’m looking towards the benefits juicing been known to have on the digestive system, the enzymes the fruits & veggies will provide ( enzymes are critical for most metabolic activities taking place in your body = body’s workforce & are essential for digestion & absorption of food + production of energy at the cellular level) as well as the amount of clarity juicing has been rumored to render (referred to as “juicers buzz).

I want my body to function better and believe that giving it a heavy dose of fresh fruits and veggies can do that for me. That being said, I would like to see if there are any improvements on the “outside” appearance and did want to document any changes a few over the next few days.. Let the adventure begin!

Day 1


** A big shoutout goes to The Juice Box LO here in Lake Oswego, OR. They were extremely accommodating in creating a cleanse designed specifically for me. I was able to pick six different juices for each day & they modified any juices containing ginger for me. (I found out recently that ginger causes  a severe hive-like reaction across my face and upper chest) Thank you Juice Box LO.

Have you tried a cleanse? What have you paid to do a cleanse? Did you complete the full cycle (2,3,5 days)? I would love to hear others “juicing journeys”. 


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