Go Green Or Go Home: Onto Day 3…

Let the final day begin.


Yesterday, as I mentioned, I felt so much better than Day 1. I was able to head to the gym, finish some errands, enjoy the Lake Oswego sunshine on a gorgeous Saturday walk and finish a great read (Before Me & You). image

So far during this cleanse, I haven’t had any seriously debilitating cravings. Day 1 was possibly the worst with mild pangs of hunger in between juices. Yesterday, I found some great info regarding a juice-fast and answered a lot of questions I’ve heard people ask:

Worried about sugars? You need to first understand the interaction of raw fruit sugars (unprocessed) and intact with companion nutrients. In most bodies, companion nutrients stabilize the sugars so that there is no insulin spike in the bloodstream. You must remember that there is no comparison between the sugar in soda or a candy-bar and the sugar in fruits and vegetables.

A study at USC supported by the the National Institute of Health found that “fasting” can actually “induce immune system regeneration, shifting stem cells from a dormant state to a state of renewal”. Observing patients, researchers found that in as little as three days, fasting could actually regenerate the whole immune system! During the “fast” the body recycles unneeded cells to save energy, getting rid of the parts of the system that might be damaged & replaces them with brand new white blood cells.

The body cleanses based on what you leave out of your system. That means, that in a perfect world, a complete water cleanse is best. However, it’s not sustainable over a period of time and in most cases should be monitored by a doctor- um. No thanks. On a juice cleanse, you’re leaving out processed, nutrient lacking foods & allowing your body to rid itself of damaged cells and toxins while simultaneously providing it with anti-inflammatory, alkalizing nutrients.

I do have to say I have been ” on the toilet” a few times… I asked for it. I have felt like my digestive system is moving a whole lot more smoothly and I feel a lot less stopped up. Lighter. Let’s see what the last day brings!

If you’ve tried a cleanse, have you found you had more or less energy? Have you had digestive issues or felt backed-up before? 


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