The #GirlBoss workout


The term #GirlBoss has become the working girls mantra. Trust me, I’m living it. Prior to breaking free & jumping into my own business, I worked in Corporate Wellness & spent the better half of my days in a fitness center, running classes, talking fitness, leading workshops & blessed with gym equipment at my disposal to spend all spare moments moving my body. That changed when I embarked on my #GirlBoss journey.

Now I’m living & breathing contractors, electricians, vendor relationships, & endless piles of paperwork. Welcome to reality, Courtney.

Taking on my own business has been a struggle & finding the time to workout can be a challenge. Everyone of us has faced the “no-time”, “too-exhausted”, “no-sleep” excuses that keep us from taking care of our bodies. Get over it.

Empower yourself. If you’re already a #GirlBoss, you’ve got the drive, motivation & dedication to get things done. You’d never miss a meeting, send out an incomplete report or not prepare for your presentation. Get creative, I know you’re a problem-solver if you’ve earned this glorious title.

That’s what I did.

Working on the new space has been intimidating to say the least and as I’m diving head first into creating my new business, I don’t have a free afternoon to check out a SoulCycle class or hit a 9:30 am BodyPump (though my body has been begging). So how does a #GirlBoss solve the conundrum?

Like every #GirlBoss knows, we don’t want to waste time doing something ineffective. I want the most bang for my buck. That’s why I splurged on a pair of ankle weights ($14.99 at Target) and tossed them into my work bag & put together this workout to work my backside in between watching the paint dry (literally) and meetings with the electrician, sign-guy & deliveries of my new merchandise!

** I preformed 4 sets of 25 throughout the day & boy is my inner #GirlBoss loving the burn in my rear!


Straight legged kickback:  Hinging at the hips, bring you back flat, extending one leg straight back. Squeezing from the glutes, lower the leg to tap the toe on the ground then raise the leg again leadingfrom the heel. Repeat on opposite side.


Inner / outer thigh raise: stand with one leg slightly bent. Raise other leg out to the side, keeping toes facing forward and hips in line. Repeat on opposite side.



Straight leg tap-backs: beginning in quadruped position, release one leg toward the floor (this can be done on bench). Keeping shoulders stacked over elbows and wrists, and hips square to the floor, squeeze glutes to bring leg up directly behind you leading with the heel. Repeat on opposite side.

imageDonkey kick (**my favorite booty lifter): beginning in a quadruped position lift on leg directly behind you & bring in line with hip. Leading with your heel, press the leg up & towards the ceiling then back to beginning position. (I like to cue “little pulses- the smaller the movement, the more the focus is on lifting through the glutes & hamstrings).

imageDirty dogs: **no idea where the name comes from, but I love the name & it has stuck: from quadruped position, raise knee directly out to the side of your body, keeping it bent and raise directly in line with hip. Return to starting position. Focus on remaining square to the ground through your hips and avoid sinking weight into the grounded hip. Repeat on opposite side.

imageimageimageHalf-moons: from quadruped position, raise one leg directly behind you, take the leg across your body and tap toes to the floor. Squeeze the glutes & bring leg back up center than across to the floor to tap toe on opposite side, creating a 1/2 circle. Maintain weight evenly over both shoulders & squeeze glutes through center as you cross sides. Repeat on opposite side.


Curtsy-squat-curtsy: step one leg directly behind and across the opposite leg while dropping moving knee towards the floor. Make sure standing knee remains directly over your ankle- this means really reach moving leg back. As you bring moving knee back to center step it out and into a squat position. Both knees over ankles. Switch legs.

Finally the finisher!!!!!!!!


Lunge pulses: reach one leg directly behind you & in line with your hip. (Error on the wider side, not narrow- think train tracks v balance beam) Drop weight straight down, keeping your torso over your hips and knee directly above your ankle. Hover your knee over floor, raising and dropping weight only 1-2 inches. Press strong through front heel and squeeze back glute. Pulse for 45 seconds then switch sides.


Now that you’re thoroughly prepared for your effective meeting with your backside- go get em #GirlBoss. No ones messing with your buns of steel.



  1. I really liked this. It can get harrowing trying to fit it all in but sometimes you just have to do it. NOW today I didn’t work out *guilty* because I was up half the night from my husband snoring but I am going to try to get something in this evening.

  2. I also worked in corporate fitness. I did it for 20 years and I’m also running my own business but in fitness. It is scary to venture out on your own. If I had to do it all over again, I would be debt free and have 6-8 months worth of savings. #wowlinkup

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