Day 5 of the #Feelingit March Challenge & I must say I’ve been feeling very productive (which also happens to be one of my Desire Map “desired feelings)..

That’s because I came up with the #45secondsworkout for in between suspense filled commercial breaks where Olivia Pope shows us she’s nobody’s “baby b*#%<” (quite possibly my favorite moment in the Scandal Series)

In between cliff-hanging commercial breaks tonight, grab your resistance bands ( I picked up mine from Dicks Sporting Goods for less than $25 for a set of three. I’m using the medium to heavy band for these exercises) and make the most use of those 45 seconds.


Straight leg lifts: stack hips over each other creating a straight line from your head to toes. Lift torso off the ground onto an elbow, keeping shoulder directly in line with elbow. Lift top leg towards the ceiling leading with heel. Band should be taught around shins. Lower to starting position. Repeat 20 times.  Complete on opposite leg.



Clam-diggers:Begin in stacked position (described above) this time, bending both legs with band around both shins.  Leading with the top heel press both knees together. Driving through the top heel, open top leg up and “click” heels together. You should feel a rotation through the hip joint & a slight burn in the glutes. Repeat for 20 repetitions, then switch legs.


Inner/ Outer thigh-blaster: Staring in a standard crunch position with band around your upper thighs, lift shoulders off the floor and press lower back into the floor. On the inhale, lower head and neck to the floor, while pressing both knees out to opposite sides of the room, engaging other thighs. Exhale and lift head and neck a little higher off the floor while closing knees together. Repeat 20 times. **It’s important to remember to keep belly button drawn in while pressing lower back into the floor.


Break-Dancer: Beginning in plank position (shoulders stacked directly over elbows, elbows over wrists) thread right leg through to left side of body while reaching towards toe with left hand. Balance. Thread right leg back through returning to plank position. Repeat on left side (thread left leg towards right side of body while reaching towards toes with right hand). Repeat 10 times through.

There may be no resistance band in the last exercise, but it’s my favorite for targeting my obliques! 🙂

So get your sweat on in between sweating out Olivia Pope’s drama tonight on Scandal & let me know how the #45secondworkout went! Have you tried commercial break workouts before? What moves do you find most effective at home in a limited amount of time?


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