The #GirlBoss Workout Part 2


Day 11 #feelingit. Bossy. In the best of ways.

& that’s because I’m accomplishing major goals, delegating important tasks & remembering to schedule in time for me. In that scheduled “me-time”, I did THESE four moves to clear my head & get a great sweat- all at work.



Bossy Spider Woman: beginning in a plank position (shoulders in line with elbows, elbows stacked directly over wrists) keeping your hips square to the floor, drive your right knee towards your right elbow. Pause and hold.  Release your right leg back to meet the other. Repeat with the left leg. Continue for 1 minute. (Lift your heart rate. Core. Shoulders.)


Bossy jump squats: standing with feet placed a little wider than your hips, squat down, keeping chest lifted and and knees behind your toes. Touch hands towards the floor. Jump up & reach for the ceiling. As you come back to the ground, keep a soft bend in your knees, landing back into a squat position. Continue for 1 minute. (Lift your heart rate. Legs). 

imageimage image

Bossy oblique twist: beginning in a plank position (shoulders in line with elbows, elbows stacked directly over wrists) bend elbows and perform a push-up ( start with dropping onto knees) as you push back up rotate toward one side of the room, lifting hips into a side plank position. Keep body in one straight line from head to toe. Pause. Return to push up position. Repeat on opposite side. Continue for 1 minute. ( chest, shoulders & core )

image image

Bossy dips: begin facing away from step or chair with palms facing down and fingers facing towards your body. Pointing elbows directly toward back of room, bend at the elbows, and lower body towards the ground, bringing elbows to 90 degrees. Your back should remain straight and slide down step or chair. Press back to starting position. Continue for 1 minute. (Back of arms- triceps). 

Try this workout out. How many rounds can you perform on your lunch break? Get creative. Where can you fit this workout in your schedule you #girlboss you?! 


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