#GirlBoss Workout : Sculpted Shoulders.


Day 18



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Does anyone else admire strong, shapely, sculpted arms as much as I do? #Girlboss, those arms can be yours! There’s no better feeling than tossing and lifting heavy boxes during the day with those toned arms and then throwing on a cute tank and showing those sexy sculpted arms off during the evening right?

Below are four moves I paired together (I used my five pound ankle weights as dumbells) for a quick five minute #Girlboss workout to sculpt those shoulders!



Shoulder press: beginning with arms in a field goal position, press weights directly overhead, then return to field goal position. Repeat for 20 repetitions.


image image

Shoulder step up: facing a small step, begin in a plank position. Shoulders should be stacked directly over elbow and elbows should be over wrists. Keeping core tight and hips square to the floor, “step” one arm up onto the step, followed by the other arm. Lower back to plank position by “stepping down one arm at a time. Lead with right arm for five steps than switch arms and lead with left arm for five steps.



Reverse bent over fly:  Hinging from the hips, lengthen arms towards the floor while maintaining a shoulder position of up-back-down. Squeezing your scapula (shoulder blades) together lift arms to shoulder height. Lower to starting position. Repeat for 20 repetitions.


Front Raises: standing with feet hips width apart, hold weights directly in front of body. Keeping arms straight lift arms to shoulder height than return to starting position. Repeat for 20 repetitions.

Go take the world on with those sculpted shoulders #GirlBoss!


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