#GirlBoss Workout: Part 4

Channeling my inner Olivia Pope this am I got it done – because I always get it done.

Reguardless of the million and one excuses I made when I woke up.

I woke up late.

I had to be at work too soon.

Its raining.


So I did what I could with the time I had & crushed the following Park Circuit.

This great park is within one mile of my house- which made it the perfect spot for a quick warm up, then a cool down run back home in only two miles.


I got to the park and got right to the workout with a set of 20 rows on the ladder to warm up the muscles in my back and core:


Then I completed a set of 20 step ups on the bench (each leg):



After step ups, I got into a plank position and did slow-mountain climbers, bringing my knee to the opposite elbow, concentrating on drawing the belly in and using the obliques to bring the knee across my body:

image image

I hit the bench after the above to work the back of my arms, my triceps, with tricep dips (keeping my back straight against the bench and elbows facing behind me):


Last but not least, I added push-ups at the end for a whole body finisher:

Then I repeated the whole thing two times.

So go get it done #GirlBoss. 

How do you make sure you get it done on Fitness Friday? Join other #GirlBoss’s who get it done like you. 


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