#Girlboss Workout: Shoulders


When the mornings are short, the coffee better be strong & the #girlboss better get creative.

In fifteen minutes this morning I was able to get a great shoulder workout in, sip some coffee in the comfort of my own home and slip a shower somewhere in there while getting ready to head to work.

Misson #GirlBoss workout included a super awkward, effective, shoulder exercise- that left my shoulders shaking. This same awkward push-up is my favorite for shoulder strength and is more aptly named the downward-dog shoulder press.


Beginning in a “down-dog” position, (start in quadruped, then lift hips up towards the back of the room, pressing through palms). Bend at the elbows and lower head directly towards the ground.


Press back to starting position. Try to keep hips high and pulled back toward the back of the room.

Repeat 10 times- then relax for one minute. Do 10 more. Relax one minute. Do 10 more. DING! You’re done.

A #Girlboss always has a strong head on her shoulders…

How do you fit in a quick, effective workout with little or no time? 

& Checkout #WIAW for great ideas on healthy foods to keep fuelin’ the #GirlBoss Workouts. 🙂



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