Fully Charge(Ed) HR.


I have the greatest boyfriend (adventure partner) ever.

He totally gets that the way to my heart is obviously through anything active. So yesterday was a total surprise as A) I got a package!! (The old postal service probably loves me, and I them, because there’s nothing better than giving/receiving old fashioned mail…is being someone’s pen pal still a thing? Because if so, I’m in! B) the package included the Fitbit Charge HR!

One day down into using and I’m a super fan. Here’s why:

  1. SUPER EASY TO SETUP: I opened the box. Plugged in the cord to charge it (usb port). Went to Fitbit.com/setup and downloaded the app to my phone & answered some general questions.
  2. ANYONE CAN USE IT. I literally put it on my wrist- that’s it. It worked right away. It shows the time, total steps, my hr, miles, and calories burned for the day. All this info can be found directly on your wrist with a simple tap.
  3. THE APP IS LEGIT. Through the app on my phone, I am able to add my meals, track calories in and out, view my sleep patterns and view trends in my heart rate for the day.
  4. THERE ARE CHALLENGES! This feature won me over. Did someone say challenge?! I wasted no time challenging my boyfriend to a step challenge and then proceeded to taunt this… Yes, there’s a taunt feature! Quite possibly the greatest thing ever. Granted, I’m pretty sure you have to know someone who also has a Fitbit to be able to challenge them.
  5. FIGHT BURNOUT & PLATEAUS. I’m not going to lie. The week prior to having this, I felt completely burnt out. My body was tired. I was completely unmotivated. My workouts were dragging and I no longer was pushing through them with conviction. I didn’t have any solid numbers to base my workouts off of, was not tracking progress and had no idea where my heart rate was during these workouts. I was working out a ton, but not necessarily very smart.
  6. MOTIVATION!! This has by far been the biggest selling point of the Fitbit Charge HR in my opinion. I didn’t actually get moving with mine until 3 pm yesterday and returned home from errands with 7,576 steps. Do you know how close that is to the benchmark 10,000?! So you know I had to get in 55 sets of stairs (to the loft and back down) in my living room in between stealing glimpses of the drama on #bachelorinparadise…… That’s right. Guilty pleasure, made a little less guilty by the buzz on my wrist as I hit 10,000 steps for the day! Somehow that little buzz made me feel like I was high atop a medal podium. Thank you Fitbit!

I didn’t necessarily do a ton of research on the model below the Charge HR, but I do know that HR and sleep patterns were essential components of my health that I wanted to track. If these aren’t part of your goals, I wouldn’t necessarily jump into purchasing this version ($149). There is also a version above the Charge HR, the Surge. This version apparently shows text messages (the Charge HR only shows phone calls), and can differentiate between activities with more choices like weight training, running, etc ( the Charge HR only allows you to choose from hiking, running, and walking) .

All I know is I’m more excited about quantifying my workouts and sleep patterns & can’t wait to see how this improves my overall wellness!

If you have a FITBIT, challenge me! Until then, I’ll be out finding more steps.


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